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IV. Knives - For Sale at Local Gun/Knife Show

A family friend will be taking care of the table.  We ask that you be kind and patient if he is busy helping another customer.  He has full autonomy in regard to decision-making in regard to the sales of these knives.

Please check back frequently, for sale dates.

If any knives are listed here, I will do my best to update those sales accordingly.

If you are a knife collector, we hope you’ll look over these and/or pass the information on to others in your network. We appreciate your helping us move these knives along to new homes as quickly as possible.

For Sale at local Gun & Knife Show

Most of these will be kukhri's and large knives, in various conditions.

Name of Gun/Knife Show:



Follow These Links - Continue on to the Other Knife Sections

SECTION I: links to the knives on consignment at Arizona Custom Knives.

SECTION II: provides information on the knives on consignment at Maida's Belts & Buckles.

SECTION III [Under Construction - check back later]: provides information on our "private sale" knives. 


SECTION IV (you are here): provides information (date, location and contact) on items that will be sold at any local Gun & Knife Shows.


Please be sure to provide the full url of any page you send to someone in your network.
Otherwise, it will not be accessible.
All knife pages are "hidden" from the main business website, in order to reduce distractions.

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