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HOUSTON - Contact Us

In the Houston location, Dr. Kiki Lucas sees Advanced Massage Therapy and Clinical Reflexology clients, along with Chiropractic patients.


Call for availability.  We do not accept text.


Physical location:

3300 Chimney Rock Road, Suite 204

Houston, Texas 77056
Phone: 713-974-2800


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Friendswood location:


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Mailing Address:

Lucas & Lucas, LLC
5090 Richmond Avenue, Ste. 266
Houston, TX 77056

Find the Houston Office


We see clients and patients By Appointment Only.

We are located at 3300 Chimney Rock, between US-59 (I-69) & Richmond Avenue at the corner of Chimney Rock and Beverly Hill. We are 1 block south of Richmond Avenue; proximate to the Galleria, Uptown Park and Greenway Plaza.

Our building is a white, one-story, L-shaped building with a silver roof. It is marked with palm trees and a silver pylon between the two main street entrances into the parking lot on Chimney Rock. There are multiple lot entrances on Chimney Rock and Beverly Hill for easy access.

We are located inside the building.  Access is via the door in the crook of the “L” of the building and sometimes our key card is needed (in these cases, we will open the door for you).  If you try to come in before we get to the door, and find it locked, please contact us.  Pass through and walk to the left (the hallway is continuous throughout the inside of the building, so you can't really get lost).  Proceed to the end of the hallway and go to the right.  Our office is the first door on the right and marked with "Lucas & Lucas, LLC".

Free parking is abundant, with ample lighting and security cameras. Our building is well-maintained with both retail and office spaces.

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