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We offer:

Advanced Massage Therapy

 Clinical Reflexology

 Chiropractic Care

Selecting A Session

When booking your appointment, think about what you want, envision your best session and be prepared to answer a few questions on the phone prior to your visit.

Advanced Massage Therapy sessions can be spent in numerous configurations.  Before starting any session, we take time to sit down and talk about your needs, concerns and wishes.  It is important to identify your complaint, discuss the best way to create change and then customize the session accordingly.

Some examples:

‣ One client may need a full hour spent on the neck. 

‣ Whereas another may want as much as fifty minutes on the feet, and the remaining ten minutes on the hands.


‣ Another may want to simply relax,  embracing the feeling that their cares have floated away.

‣ And, yet another may want the majority of the time on their back, while still wanting to feel like they had a full body relaxation session (which can be accomplished by focusing on the back, while still addressing the arms, hands, legs and feet briefly; bringing the session together as a whole).

Click on either location:

Rates and Hours


Gratuity is not accepted.

The best tip you can give
is the referral of a friend
or family member.

Advanced Massage Therapy,
Clinical Reflexology
and Bodywork

1 hour

1½ hours
2 hours


Chiropractic Care*

Initial Exam


$ 85
$ 45

*Chiropractic Care is ONLY available

in the Houston location.

Advanced Massage Therapy sessions can also combine depth of pressure; relaxation, deep Swedish, deep tissue and therapeutic site-specific work can all be utilized within a session, to suit the client preference.


If your preference is therapeutic site-specific work, this style of session usually focuses on one or more areas within a region or complex, for the entire appointment, and can also be used for certain conditions


A few examples are listed below:

Site Specific Head, Neck and Trapezius Massage


‣ Site Specific TMJ Massage


Site Specific Upper Body




Site Specific Lower Back



Good for those who suffer with TMJ pain, grind their teeth, clench and have related headaches.

Good for Surgeons, Surgical Assistants, Computer Programmers, Dog Groomers, Cellists, Musicians, Painters and anyone who uses their arms for most of their days' work or has upper body issues.

(most of this work is regional and spent in the temporomandibular complex, with additional neck and trapezius work as needed)

Good for Police Officers, Postal Workers, those who suffer with sciatica and plantar fasciitis, to name a few.

(can include Neck, Upper Back, Shoulders, Arms, Hands)

(can include Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Iliotibial bands, Calves and Feet)

Good those who prefer an entire hour in this area and those who suffer with migraine headaches.

Other Individual Needs

∙ Post-surgical cases are seen by Kiki Lucas, LMT, DC.  She is well versed in providing care for the neck, shoulder, low back, hip and knee, with the appropriate medical release.  She also works with a select variety of other post-surgical cases. 

Most post-surgical clients are referred by their neurosurgeon or orthopedic surgeon. 

If your physician doesn't know us, you are always welcome to contact him/her, discuss your request, create a bridge between our practices, receive a release and contact us. Each case must be discussed in detail, before a decision to accept is made. 

Prenatal massage clients may be accepted into the office, if they are a prior client, have been referred by a client or have discussed their needs with Kiki Lucas, LMT, DC.  She limits the number of new prenatal clients she accepts and it is common for a prenatal client to be seen throughout their pregnancy.

Limiting prenatal clients allows for extra time to be  factored around each appointment in the event the expectant mother has a situation involving morning sickness, nausea, needs to use the facilities mid-session or needs a break for any other reason.  If this occurs, we simply suspend the session (this means it doesn't take away from the original amount of time scheduled) until the client returns to the table and is comfortable again.

Minors may be accepted if the parent is a client or if the minor child has been referred by their physician, athletic/club coach, one of our colleagues or discussed their needs with Kiki Lucas, LMT, DC.

Clients and patients who have extenuating circumstances and require extra buffer time around an appointment may address this during scheduling. There is no charge for the extra time.


We do not provide oncology work and feel it is extremely important that oncology clients seek a therapist with detailed training in the field.

For even more information on Advanced Massage Therapy, Clinical Reflexology and Chiropractic sessions, please click on the linked pages above.

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