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II. Knives - Maida's Consignment

Maida's Belts & Buckles has consigned our pocket knife collection (and a few larger knives, which may be seen and purchased before they are displayed this fall, if you ask Jason Maida to show them to you).

Maida's is just down the street from my Houston office.    

They also have some additional items such as belt buckles and Native American cuff style watch bands, bolo ties, rings, etc. which are known as the "Kilpatrick" collection.  Please also speak with Jason Maida if you want to delve deeper into these items.

As the knives sell, I will do my best to update this page.

If you are a knife collector, we hope you’ll look over these and/or pass the information on to others in your network. We appreciate your helping us move these knives along to new homes as quickly as possible.

  • Case XX

    • 61549L - [color: Red]

    • 51549L - [color: Bone]

    • 3154L - [colors: Cream (x3)]
      31549L - [color: Cream]

    • 59L - [color: Black]

    • Muskrat - [colors: Red (x4)]

    • Muskrat - [color: Bone]

  • Weidmannsheil

    • Mother of Pearl - [color: Pearl (x2)]

    • Small Stag - [color: Bone (x2)]

  • Soligen

    • Muskrat Defect - [color: Natural Bone]

  • Old Timer

    • 1940T- [colors: Dark Red (x8)]

    • Improved Muskrat: [colors: Red (x4)]

  • Frost Cutlery

    • Wood Handle (x2)


While we would like to see these sold, we also want to encourage you to glance through Maida's other offerings; if knives are not your thing — perhaps watch bands, earrings, bracelets, hat bands, bolo ties, belts, cuff links, or letter openers would make you happy.


Follow These Links - Continue on to the Other Knife Sections

SECTION I: links to the knives on consignment at Arizona Custom Knives.

SECTION II (you are here): provides information on the knives on consignment at Maida's Belts & Buckles.

SECTION III [Under Construction - check back later]: provides information on our "private sale" knives. 


SECTION IV: provides information (date, location and contact) on items that will be sold at any local Gun & Knife Shows.


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Otherwise, it will not be accessible.
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