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Clinical Reflexology

The majority of our practice consists of therapeutic bodywork, with Reflexology making up one aspect of this work.

Clinical Reflexology is a deeply relaxing modality and so much more than "just" a foot massage. It comprises another facet of the healing arts and can be beneficial in easing tension and reducing stress. Many people find it helps with sinus congestion, digestive issues, and sleep disturbances; while some nursing mothers have found it assists with increased lactation. Reflexology has also been linked to enhancing the immune system.

We provide the comprehensive European Method of reflexology. With the intent of restoring harmony & balance to the system, these sessions are very gentle and use a unique application of thumb, finger, and hand pressure in order to engage specific points on the feet.

These points represent reflex areas which are said to correspond with the internal organs, glands and other body parts. As a nice side-effect, many clients notice the feet become relaxed and more mobile.

Reflexology can help the recipient embrace a well-balanced life.



What To Expect

Upon arrival, you will be asked to fill out a comprehensive health history form. This allows us to create a session which will help address your individual needs. It is important to note that a reflexologist does not prescribe, diagnose, treat for a specific illness or adjust medication.

Reflexology sessions are scheduled at 1 hour in length, but if you have had this work in the past, 1½ or 2 hours may be requested.

Only the feet are worked during the appointment and we do not use foot soaks, which can limit the time needed to complete a thorough hands-on session.

Your session will take place on a massage therapy table, which enhances relaxation. Most clients prefer to remain clothed unless they have booked a massage session prior to (or to follow) their reflexology session. You may also choose to be fully draped with a sheet and blanket, with only the work areas being exposed; the choice is yours.

Most clients prefer to incorporate reflexology into their monthly wellness plan. However, if you have specific objectives, weekly sessions should be considered in order to allow the benefits of each previous session to build onto the next. Once certain goals have been met, you may then wish to follow up with sessions every other week and then monthly, as needed.

For those who have a particular concern or chronic condition, we can make allowances in our schedules to provide extra buffer time between clients when necessary. Please let us know if there is something we can do to make your time spent with us a little easier.

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Rates and Hours


Gratuity is not accepted.

The best tip you can give
is the referral of a friend
or family member.

Advanced Massage Therapy,
Clinical Reflexology
and Bodywork

1 hour

1½ hours
2 hours


Chiropractic Care*

Initial Exam


$ 85
$ 45

*Chiropractic Care is ONLY available

in the Houston location.

The Comprehensive European Method

There are many styles of Reflexology and we use the comprehensive European Method. This work incorporates a firm yet very gentle and compassionate pressure, which allows the body to relax as the session works on a deeper level.

The effect can be described as being similar to what happens when listening to a quiet and reflective musical piece; the brain senses even the tiniest whispered nuance.


Our office adheres to the professional qualification standard attained by achieving the "Internationally Certified Reflexologist" diploma via examination through the ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council) board, with a mandatory 265 hours of classroom based reflexology training. Additional training is in both Thai Foot Reflexology and Hot Stone Reflexology.

We feel that professional standards are important. You should always ask, if you have any questions regarding a therapists qualifications.

After-Care Advice

Because each client experiences improvements of health in their own way, one must be conscientious as to how their body reacts to the given session.

Many times a client will experience a healing "event", in which the body may begin to eliminate the effects of poor lifestyle, sedentary behavior and other unwanted conditions; most often this will manifest as a headache, a cold, or flu-like symptoms. The client may also experience increased elimination from the bowels and bladder.

This is a good time to drink plenty of water and get adequate rest. We also suggest that you take time to slow down and do something you enjoy.

Additional Information

Reflexology clients are not adjusted during their sessions and should never feel pressured toward chiropractic care. We treat each section of our practice as a separate entity. Of course, you are welcome to choose back to back sessions of bodywork methods if you wish.

A really nice way to end the day is to make arrangements for a 2 hour block of time which incorporates a
massage followed by a reflexology session.

We are happy to provide these combination appointments (unless there are medical contraindications). All we ask is that you please remember they must be booked advance of your scheduled appointment, as we can rarely accommodate additional time requests once you have arrived for your session.

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