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Frequently Asked Questions

If you haven't had a massage or reflexology session before, there are likely to be many questions you have about what will happen during the session and what is required of you. We have tried to answer some of these below.

Even if you have had prior experience with bodywork, since each therapist works in their own way, you may find that certain things differ from what you are used to. Please feel free to ask about anything you are unsure of, so that we can put your mind at ease.

∙ How do I contact Lucas & Lucas, LLC?

We invite you to call 713-974-2800 to schedule your appointment today.


There may be times when you have to leave a message in order to schedule your next visit; usually when we are in session.

We ask that you kindly leave your information and we will always return your call as soon as we are able to do so; usually within in 1-2 business days.

We do not accept text messages or e-mails regarding appointment scheduling or cancellations.

For more information, click on our
Scheduling page. 

∙ Do you provide the same treatment for everyone?

We definitely do not provide the same treatment for everyone. Each person has different needs and preferences; you can be confident that we will tailor your session accordingly. Massage therapy and reflexology clients come in for a wide range of complaints, as do chiropractic patients.

An example regarding bodywork: A massage on one client may have more time spent on the neck and less time on the feet, whereas another may have fifty minutes on the feet and the remaining ten minutes on the hands.

Each appointment is unique to the individual need.

The work of each massage therapist is unique as well. You can expect a massage from your prior therapist to be different than one received in our office.

For more information, please visit our
Services page.

∙ How many sessions will I require and how frequently?

You can choose to see us as you wish, for your bodywork sessions. However, best outcomes are achieved by booking regular appointments.

If you are receiving
Advanced Massage Therapy or Clinical Reflexology for stress reduction or maintenance of health, anything from weekly to monthly sessions can aid your body in this endeavor.

If we are addressing a specific problem, we initially recommend sessions between 4 days and one week apart, so that the progress can be accurately monitored. There may also be times a specific frequency is requested within your physician's prescription.

Since every case is different, we cannot say how long it will take to work with you, but it is safe to say that a problem can rarely be solved in one session.

∙ Do I have to have a prescription to receive massage, reflexology or chiropractic care?

No. You are always welcome to our office without a prescription. However, if one was given to you, please let us know so that we can provide the required care accordingly.

∙ Do you take or file insurance?

No. We do not accept or file claims with insurance companies. Please visit our Payment Methods page for more detailed information.

∙ Is an hour massage actually an hour massage?

Yes. Your massage at Lucas & Lucas, LLC is scheduled for the full time on the table.

You can also expect the same for 1½ and 2 hour massages.

Since we are aware of the potential for Houston area traffic,
if you arrive late, we will still try to provide your full session whenever time permits. However, we may only have time to see you for the remainder of your scheduled appointment.

If this happens, we ask that you kindly understand that you will still be charged the full amount for your booked session, as once you have scheduled an appointment, all other patients and clients are denied that block of time.

∙ What are the possible after-effects of massage or reflexology?

After a relaxation massage, you are unlikely to experience any unpleasant after-effects, unless you have a highly toxic system.

After deep tissue work, you may experience muscle soreness in the areas focused on. This is just like the discomfort that may be felt after exercising.

Please visit our
Clinical Reflexology page to read more about its effects and suggested after-care advice.

∙ How deep will the massage be?

We vary the massage depth depending on your wishes and needs.*

Good communication before and during the session, means that you get the massage you want. If you request a purely relaxing session, you can be sure that is what you will get.

*Clinical Reflexology sessions are based on the comprehensive European Method and only use gentle pressure.

∙ What are the benefits of massage?

‣ Reduces tension in tight muscles and elongates shortened tissues.
‣ Enhances sports performance.
‣ Reduces recovery time and eases post-event tension.
‣ Increases mobility of joints.

‣ Breaks down adhesions and scar tissue.
‣ Aids exceptionally with injury rehabilitation.
‣ Helps the body rejuvenate.
‣ Increases the flow of blood, which brings nutrients to the tissues and removes wastes.
‣ Promotes stimulation to the lymphatic system.
‣ Boosts the immune system.
‣ Can calm the nervous system.
‣ Combats stress and anxiety.
‣ Promotes sleep.

∙ Should I tip?

Gratuity is not expected and you should never feel pressured to tip.

We will accept tips if you are so inclined, but the best tip you can give is the referral of a friend, family member or colleague. We are excited when referrals become wonderful clients, just like you.

∙ When can't I receive massage?

You must cancel your session if you are running a fever, as soon as you are aware of an infectious or contagious condition (i.e. strep. throat, tonsillitis, bronchitis, etc.) or if you have had vomiting or diarrhea in the past 24 hours.

must also cancel your session if you have a severe cold or throat/nasal symptoms.

If you choose to disregard this policy and come in with any of conditions noted above, you will be charged the full fee for the session and turned away, as once you have scheduled an appointment, all of our other patients and clients have been denied that block of time.

We do not wish to deprive any clients of their needed care, due to what could have been an avoidable illness on our part.

∙ What if I am a massage therapist in need of bodywork?

Our goal is to provide everyone with our best work, each and every time they visit our practice.

Many massage therapists are looking for a great massage and find it difficult to get what they need. We will do our best to provide that experience for you.

We will not hold-back or try to hide how we work. You also don’t have to worry about a competitive factor coming into play when visiting our office. Neither party should feel intimidated. We want you to feel comfortable.

When you call to schedule your appointment, please let us know that you are a massage therapist and share any ideas or thoughts you may have. We welcome your input and hope to create a session that will be of  maximal benefit.

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Rates and Hours


Gratuity is not accepted.

The best tip you can give
is the referral of a friend
or family member.

Advanced Massage Therapy,
Clinical Reflexology
and Bodywork

1 hour

1½ hours
2 hours


Chiropractic Care*

Initial Exam


$ 85
$ 45

*Chiropractic Care is ONLY available

in the Houston location.



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