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Thank you for choosing Lucas & Lucas, LLC for your bodywork and chiropractic care. We happily welcome you to our offices in Houston near the Galleria and in Friendswood, Texas. Here, you will find friendly faces, a warm atmosphere, a clean environment and a special interest in your specific needs.

Our goal is to promote excellence in your alternative health care and wellness by providing quality and professional service, reasonable rates and timely appointments.

Athletes looking for more than a general massage will be pleased to know that we have worked with elite distance marathon runners, triathletes, competitive Olympic Trials swimmers, an Olympic gold medalist (swimming), bodybuilders, martial artists, MLB, MiLB, NBA, and NFL athletes. We can also help artists and musicians find relief from their neck and hand issues.

Those suffering from TMJ issues (temporomandibular joint), neck and lower back complaints can trust our site specific work. Additionally, we provide medical massage, which is often used in cases of migraine headaches.

We offer:

Advanced Massage Therapy - We will combine our knowledge of bodywork (which includes relaxation and Swedish massage, deep tissue and therapeutic work, sports massage, trigger point and range of motion therapy along with specific TMJ, Neck and Back work) in order to customize a massage appointment that's especially for you.

Clinical Reflexology - This deeply relaxing and gentle modality incorporates a full session on the feet and works toward bringing balance to the body. Reflexology can also be incorporated into a monthly wellness plan.

Chiropractic Care - Chiropractic adjustments encourage health and improved mobility, with the use of precise and specialized hands-on care.

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Rates and Hours


Gratuity is not accepted.

The best tip you can give
is the referral of a friend
or family member.

Advanced Massage Therapy,
Clinical Reflexology
and Bodywork

1 hour

1½ hours
2 hours


Chiropractic Care*

Initial Exam


$ 85
$ 45

*Chiropractic Care is ONLY available

in the Houston location.

Whether used as alternative health care or in conjunction with more traditional forms of healing, bodywork provides an opportunity to release stress, pain and emotional fatigue, thereby promoting health and enhancing quality of life.


We have the experience to help.



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